17. July 2018


Download the free FACTS4WORKERS PRESS RELEASE which presents the project progress and solutions. The FACTS4WORKERS 4-year project brings together 15 partners from 8 different countries and covers […]
27. June 2018

FACTS4WORKERS presented at the Automatica 2018 fair

The FACTS4WORKERS project was presented at the HIDRIA TC stand in the Automatica 2018 fair between 19 and 22th June in Munich, Germany. The Automatica fair […]
27. June 2018

FACTS4WORKERS at the ISPIM Conference

ISPIM conference was held from 17-20 June in Stockholm, where a network of researchers, industrialists, consultants and public bodies shares a passion for innovation management. The […]
26. June 2018

TU Wien presented FACTS4WORKERS at the CIRP CMS 2018 conference

The annual Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CIRP CMS 2018) provides a platform for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss the advancements in manufacturing environments. This […]
22. June 2018

TU Wien presented FACTS4WORKERS at the ICEIS 2018 conference

The annual International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS) provides a platform for presenting the newest advancements in the development of industrial information systems. This year, […]
19. April 2018

Presenting EVOCALL application

EVOCALL is a remote assistance system for smart glasses, smartphones and tablets. Specialists can use live video and audio to guide the process, send important information, […]
11. April 2018

Presenting the new i40cases website

Well documented case studies, applications and introduction methods around the topics smart Factory, Industry 4.0 and digitization for humans at the center of the production workplaces […]
6. February 2018

FACTS4WORKERS General Assembly Meeting

Between 31st January and 1st February the FACTS4WORKERS consortium held its 5th General Assembly meeting in Zaragoza, in region of Aragón, Spain. The members of consortium […]
16. January 2018

FACTS4WORKERS attended the final workshop of the SATISFACTORY project

Representative from FACTS4WORKERS have been cordially invited to contribute as experts at the final workshop of the Satisfactory project  which was held at COMAU facility  in […]
22. December 2017

Deliverable “Technology Monitoring: Report on Information Needed For the Industrial Challenges Workers with Taxonomy”

This document, the third volume of Deliverable D2.3 “Technology Monitoring: Report on Information Needed For the Industrial Challenges Workers with Taxonomy”, is the annual update of […]