28. July 2017

The FACTS4WORKERS use cases on the website

After our prototype was rolled out at the facilities of our industry partners, we can now present the results to date of our project on our […]
27. June 2017

Second Technical Review of the FACTS4WORKERS project held in Tolmin, Slovenia

Between 21st and 22nd June 2017, the FACTS4WORKERS consortium hosted a representative of the European Commission Review team to showcase one of the developed prototype pilot […]
7. June 2017

FACTS4WORKERS was presented in CEPAUTO 2017 by Thermolympic and Itainnova

During the 16th and the 17th of May it was celebrated CEPAUTO 2017 . It’s a biannual event which was organized by CEP   –Centro Español de Plásticos-, […]
9. May 2017

FACTS4WORKERS introductory video release

On 3rd May the FACTS4WORKERS consortium released its first project video. The video gives the viewers the basic information about and ideas behind the project as […]
24. April 2017

Call for Paper: Workshop „Smart Factories: Mitarbeiter-zentrierte Informationssysteme für die Zusammenarbeit der Zukunft“

As in the past years, the EU project FACTS4WORKERS is hosting a workshop titled “Smart Factories: User-centred information systems for future collaboration” (in German origin: “Smart […]
6. April 2017

Participative Knowledge Management to Empower Manufacturing Workers

The work in the context of FACTS4WORKERS at one of our industrial partners has been scientifically exploited. Gianni Campatelli (Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy), Alexander […]
16. March 2017


Download free FACTS4WORKERS internal press release which describes the progress made in the second year of the FACTS4WORKERS project according to plan in each work package. […]
22. February 2017

FACTS4WORKERS 4th General Assembly meeting

Between 13th and 14th February, Shaeffler Group hosted the 4th General Assembly meeting of the FACTS4WORKERS project consortium at the Group’s premises in Ingolstadt. Representatives of […]
20. February 2017

President of the Styrian Chamber of Labour visits Facts4Workers

An important aspect of our project is communication with the important interest groups. The Austrian Chamber of Labour represents the interests of 3,4 million employees and […]
24. January 2017

To what extent can state of the art HCI technologies support the requirements of workers?

As part of the Industry 4.0 vision, smart-workers will become the core of the factories of the future. Smart factories will require blurring the lines between […]