FACTS4WORKERS was presented in the 2nd International SAMI40 workshop at the iKnow Conference
17. October 2017
FACTS4WORKERS attended the final workshop of the SATISFACTORY project
16. January 2018

Deliverable “Technology Monitoring: Report on Information Needed For the Industrial Challenges Workers with Taxonomy”

This document, the third volume of Deliverable D2.3 “Technology Monitoring: Report on Information Needed For the Industrial Challenges Workers with Taxonomy”, is the annual update of the document of Technology Monitoring.

In this document we aim to look for new improvements in the technology and to highlight the major trends and updates that are applicable to the use cases defined in FACTS4WORKERS project.

The structure of the document starts with a summary of the methodology proposed and a revision of the following technologies which have experienced major impacts within the last year. We focus on Augmented Reality as one of the biggest trends in the industry and we would like to point out the significant technological advancements, both at device level and development improvements.

These new improvements are presented as SDK, software development kits, and it is important to mention: Tango, ARkit and ARCore. These last two SDKs are very promising because they could be applied to many smartphones (ARkit in Apple devices and ARCore to all smartphones running Android 7.0 Nougat and above) and both technical solutions are very close in capability and are mainly indistinguishable to users when it comes to the user experiences they can build. Just to summarize, ARKit has some tech advantages around hardware/software integration and more reliable tracking while ARCore has some advantages around mapping and more reliable recovery.

To conclude, we also present the new devices released this year by the most important vendors: RealWare HMT-1, Microsoft HoloLens, Daqri Smart Helmet, Daqri Smart Glasses, Google Glass Enterprise Edition and EPSON Moverio BT-2200. Its features and characteristics have been summarized in a table, and the main common denominator of these devices is that they are targeted specifically to the industrial field and for this reason we consider the applicability of these glasses and helmets in industrial environments will begin to take off and we expect in the coming years to see functional demonstrators of these technologies that will contribute to empower shop floor workers on their daily tasks.


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