FACTS4WORKERS meets SATISFACTORY – Fruitful Cooperation of two FoF-4 projects
15. October 2015
Smart Factories at KnowTech 2015
3. November 2015

Digital assistance systems to empower workers in smart factories

Experts from science and industry comprehensively discussed about the value of digital assistance systems in smart factories at the “Digitaldialog” event on Oct. 27th in Graz. “Digitaldialog” is a periodic event (www.digitaldialog.biz) dealing with latest digital trends, technologies and solutions, which is co-organized by project partner evolaris.

The topics of the talks included cooperating systems – upgrade for production workers, increase in production and service efficiency through digital assistance systems in the industry. Peter Brandl from evolaris talked about the support of smart workers through data glasses and the achievement of more attractive workplaces in smart factory and smart service environments. Peter’s talk focused on the FACTS4WORKER approach to increase both, the workplace’s attractiveness, and the motivation of the worker.


During the following podiums discussion including Martin Wifling of Virtual Vehicle Research Center, the focus was on the consequences of Industrie 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution for production workers. The main argumentation was dealing with job loss through the digital transformation of production environments vs. new jobs developed through the empowerment of the production worker. The general view among the participants towards job safety was rather positive, as long as human strengths and capabilities in contrast to machines can be successfully utilized in future. Jobs which do not require those human advantages will sooner or later be automatized and carried out by robots and machines, or they will completely disappear. Therefore human strengths should be better supported through digital assistance systems – which is supporting the FACTS4WORKERS vision.



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