TU Wien presented FACTS4WORKERS at the CIRP CMS 2018 conference
26. June 2018
FACTS4WORKERS presented at the Automatica 2018 fair
27. June 2018

FACTS4WORKERS at the ISPIM Conference

ISPIM conference was held from 17-20 June in Stockholm, where a network of researchers, industrialists, consultants and public bodies shares a passion for innovation management. The ISPIM conference attracted 530 innovation professionals from 41 countries and outstanding input from the vibrant local innovation community.

FACTS4WORKERS was attended at the ISPIM conference by Associate Professor Lea Hannola from Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), giving a presentation of the research paper “Adoption of VR and AR technologies in the enterprise” (written by M. Heinonen, V. Ojanen and L. Hannola). The paper was selected by the Guest Editors of the ISPIM Creativity Innovation Management Journal Special Issue on “Digital Disruption” to take part in the paper development session.

The research paper focuses on acceptance and adoption of emerging VR and AR technologies. The purpose was to identify the most potential use-cases across industries for the adoption and shed light on the barriers and drivers affecting the adoption process in each use-case. This problem is of interest currently, since VR is being adopted more widely across industries, but the rate of adoption will greatly differ between use-cases and industries. VR has also been subject to excessively positive expectations in the past and focusing on its disruptive potential, thus recent studies have been largely ignoring the practical application of VR in everyday use. Therefore, it is important to identify most favorable use-cases for faster adoption as well as recognize possible barriers.

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