FACTS4WORKERS attended the final workshop of the SATISFACTORY project
16. January 2018
Presenting the new i40cases website
11. April 2018

FACTS4WORKERS General Assembly Meeting

Between 31st January and 1st February the FACTS4WORKERS consortium held its 5th General Assembly meeting in Zaragoza, in region of Aragón, Spain. The members of consortium were greeted at the offices of the ITAINNOVA – Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón.

The meeting also included a thorough tour of the Thermolympic factory premises near Zaragoza. Thermolympic is a small family-owned company focused on technologies of plastic injection manufacturing that is mostly active as a supplier in the Spanish automotive sector. Being a SME and a relatively young company, Thermolympic presents a special use case among industrial partners in the project. Consortium partners were given a tour of the plant and a comprehensive demonstration of technologies developed to help the shop floor worker during its tasks in production. Demonstrations were provided by the University of Firenze and Evolaris and included among others a simulation of Google Glass device, application for problem reporting at a manufacturing machine and maintenance process management and overview application.

The visit to the Thermolympic site was also important from the project’s dissemination point of view. The film crew from the local TV station – Aragón TV –  produced a short news article about the project and presentation of technologies at the company: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5cIh_EZiq4 (the video is in Spanish).

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