The changing world of work presented at ILERA World Congress
25. September 2015
FACTS4WORKERS Dissemination-Workshop
1. October 2015


Sharing knowledge with other funded projects in the human/people-centred production domain is a major success principle of the FACTS4WORKERS project. Therefore, Martin Wifling and Dr. Alexander Stocker met Prof. Dr. Christian Stary and Dr. Matthias Neubauer from the Department of Business Information Systems at University of Linz, who coordinate the EU FP7 project “Subject Orientation For People Centred Production – SO-PC-PRO” at the Virtual Vehicle in Graz.

The goal of SO-PC-PRO as stated on the respective project website is to “develop methods and tools for holistic design and management of workplaces in production companies, thereby aligning business goals and human needs. It is based on a view of production companies as complex, socio-technical systems of people, processes and machines that flexibly interact.”

Because SO-PC-PRO shares a lot of commonalities with FACTS4WORKERS, both projects have agreed to foster the exchange of knowledge, starting with knowledge on requirements elicitation and captured requirements. It is therefore planned to write two joint publications about this crucial topic.



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