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19. June 2015
Google Glass „Enterprise Edition“
20. July 2015

FACTS4WORKERS was presented at the MOTSP 2015 – Management of Technology Step to Sustainable Production – conference. The FACTS4WORKERS presentation was conducted within the production management session on 11th June 2015 in Brela, Croatia.

The presentation was conducted by Wolfgang Unzeitig from Virtual Vehicle Research Center, who had successfully submitted a paper titled “Industrial Challenges in Human-Centred Production”. The MOTSP conference is a good occasion for researchers, scientists, engineers, and technologist to come together and share their experience in technology and sustainable production.


The link of science and industry needs to be better supported, and  the limitations have to be better tackled. At the end of the day, the aim of any production facility is to achieve highest cost effectiveness. Therefore the principles of lean production bear an enormous potential to optimize current and future factories. Next to these management strategies, several detailed solutions in production technology will grant a continuous improvement process in manufacturing. Our project FACTS4WORKERS contributes to them.  On the one hand it helps to develop better tools for workers based on novel ICT to increase e.g. problem solving skills. On the other hand FACTS4WORKERS will contribute its share to finally support  the renaissance of manufacturing in the EU, which will be based on smart technologies together with smart and enabled workers.

The audience of the international scientific conference was mainly from central and eastern Europa. 50 different topics of various production research areas were presented there. Despite to the big amount of oral presentations, several interesting discussions for example with the president of the International Ergonomics Association, Prof. Eric Min-Yang Wang, took place.

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