FACTS4WORKERS hosts workshop @ Mensch und Computer 2016 conference
14. August 2016
Testing of new Head Up Displays (HUD)
3. October 2016

FACTS4WORKERS Workshop Smart Factories: User-centered information systems for future collaboration

As announced  FACTS4WORKERS hosts workshop @ Mensch und Computer 2016 conference), FACTS4WORKERS hosted the workshop “Smart Factories: User-centered information systems for future collaboration” at the Mensch und Computer 2016 Conference which took place on September 4-7 at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany (Link: http://muc2016.mensch-und-computer.de/). In the context of tutorials, workshops, exhibitions and demonstrations, we had the opportunity to discuss the state of the art in augmented reality technologies with colleagues. A bunch of interested people with various background (university professors, automotive industry employees, computer scientists, psychologists, software engineers) participated in the workshop and brought in their ideas to encourage fruitful discussions. Participants who handed in a scientific paper (most of them with industry use cases) presented novel insights from their recent research projects within their stimulating talks and panel discussions. Topics include for example implementation and application strategies of novel ICT solutions in manufacturing for worker centric workplaces. Slides and a few pictures can be found at: goo.gl/6MBTe6

Our contribution to this workshop right out of the project on the one hand was the organization of the workshop and on the other hand was the present an approach how to measure sociotechnical impacts on job satisfaction and how to develop smart factory solutions focusing the worker characteristics. The paper “Worker Characteristics moderate the Impact of Socio-technical Workplace Interventions on Job Satisfaction” (Link: http://dl.mensch-und-computer.de/handle/123456789/5078) gives detailed insights over the theoretical background of how to measure the Impact of sociotechnical interventions on job satisfaction and how to design ICT solutions.


This event enabled exciting discussions and personnel interchange about the presented topics and novel approaches regarding augmented reality techniques, error prediction models including statistical data analysis, assistance systems in learning environments and knowledge management at the shop floor and in engineering. Regarding FACTS4WORKERS the head of the department for information- and technology management of Ruhr-University Bochum was interested in further discussions in order to bring new aspects to enhance job satisfaction. The main common interest is to build bridges between technology development and usage as well as the evaluation and design of socio-technical systems in accordance with human needs and organizational structures.


We are looking forward to organize the next workshop at the Mensch und Computer 2017 that will take place in Regensburg on 10 – 13th of September.



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