SCHAEFFLER use case 2 solution successfully deployed in Ingolstadt
22. October 2018
HoloLens Application to support workers deployed at Schaeffler
6. November 2018

Final version of FACTS4WORKERS solution successfully deployed at EMO-Orodjarna

After considering the evaluation results of the first prototype, the final version of the FACTS4WORKERS solution was successfully deployed at EMO-Orodjarna in Celje in Slovenia. The smart-factory workplace solution covers three main scenarios that are defined by the company. It consists of an information tool for production, assembly and quality assurance and an application for maintenance issues.

The software prototype consists of several services which obtain by fully automated connectors all relevant data from the highly specific company ́s ERP system. The tool building process is a highly flexible team effort where the biggest challenge is that the workers are fully aware of the production status of all relevant parts. Awareness of upcoming work orders, detailed information about packages and parts as well as location tracking of parts are provided via mobile displays for the machine operators and assembly workers.

The FACTS4WORKERS solution has been mostly developed by the Virtual Vehicle Research Center and Evolaris, based on requirement analysis done by University of Zurich.

The system was tested and evaluated with real but not real-time data and the acceptance among the workers was very high. EMO-Orodjarjna plans to further develop the prototype into a production-ready system with connection to real-time data.

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