12. October 2015
Digital assistance systems to empower workers in smart factories
29. October 2015

FACTS4WORKERS meets SATISFACTORY – Fruitful Cooperation of two FoF-4 projects

There are only two projects in the H2020-FoF-4-2014 call, which have been funded by the European Commission: the SATISFACTORY project coordinated by CERTH from Greece and our FACTS4WORKERS project. Together with the three FP7 projects SO-PC-PRO, MAN-MADE and SO-SMART, FACTS4WORKERS is now succesfully connected to all relevant European “Workplace of the future” projects. Obviously, there are a lot of cooperation possibilities in the context of these projects. In addition, we are strongly encouraged by the European Commission to seek additional benefits through cooperation to boost our own project results. Following up the FoF-Impact workshop initiated by EFFRA which took place in Brussels in April 2015 and where we identified common approaches and technologies, first cooperation possibilities were explored.

After connecting with the SO-PC-PRO project last month (find the respective blogpost here), there has recently been an initial WebEx meeting between SATISFACTORY and FACTS4WORKERS, where we both increased the understanding of our projects at first. The SATISFACTORY project develops solutions according to several technical challenging use-cases, which are also of interest to us. Detailed descriptions can be found in their respective public deliverables.

The main cooperation possibilities between the FoF projects will be in discussing, sharing, and potentially co-developing the methods of measuring workers satisfaction, problem solving, and innovation skills. Because standard procedures including JSS are seen critically to rigourously monitor the impact of introducing technology based workplace improvements (due to the plethora of potential variables affecting employee satisfaction), joint research will certainly be very fruitful to establish a common practical measuring process.

We are also planning to have a joint ESS workshop, which SATISFACTORY is going to host in early 2016. Further details will be posted on our Blog.

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