Issue Overview

Manages the task assignments and provides and interface for handling all task-related data

  • Allows the creation of maintenance and error tasks
  • Allows attachment of device and task-related information

What´s the difference to the blue collar worker?

  • The BB provides one interface for creating maintenance and error tasks
  • To each task, the corresponding device and location can be attached. This allows to retrieve a variety of device-related information intuitively from the task menu
  • The workers can autonomously accept / deny error tasks based on their competence and context (e.g. knowledge, tools, location)
  • Addressed impact dimensions: autonomy, relatedness, and variety

How it is applied in the company?

  • The BB is used to individually assign maintenance tasks to workers and to broadcast error tasks to all workers. The workers can then decide if they accept an error tasks or if they do not feel capable of fixing an error (e.g. missing tools, knowledge, protection gear…)