Smart Documents

Allows the flexible creation and modification of documents via a WYSIWYG interface

  • Easy-to-use interface for creating and adapting documents
  • Allows to integrate multimedia content into the documents and to reference other/older documents
  • Version management of the templates and document contents
  • Print view
  • Permission management to distinguish between editable forms and read-only documents

What´s the difference to the blue collar worker?

  • The projects and documents structure can fully be modified according to the worker’s needs
  • The documents can only be modified in accordance with the design guidelines of the project
  • Other/older documents or sections can be referenced and displayed as part of new documents
  • Addressed impact dimensions: competence, variety, quality, and time efficiency

How it is applied in the company?

  • The BB is used to author and display any kind of document that is required by the workers (e.g. quality control documents)