Final version of FACTS4WORKERS solution successfully deployed at EMO-Orodjarna
30. October 2018
FACTS4WORKERS successfully passes its final review meeting in Brussels
12. November 2018

HoloLens Application to support workers deployed at Schaeffler

The FACTS4WORKERS solution with a HoloLens Application was successfully deployed at Schaeffler in Germany. The innovative combination of mixed reality and web application was developed by the Virtual Vehicle Research Center and will be used for training and educational purposes to help operators of bearing test rigs. A Moodle web application optimized for the use on mobile devices provides all relevant information on-site and the HoloLens mixed reality device displays 3D animations, text descriptions and instructions, videos and sounds in a classroom scenario or overlaid exactly over the test rig.

The Microsoft HoloLens is a Mixed Reality device built as a self-contained holographic computer, that allows users to render interactive 3D projections in the immediate environment with the support of a Natural User Interface.  Mixed Reality technology blends real-world objects with digital content, interactively, and in real-time. Together with holographic technology, it brings the models out of the screen and helps people efficiently interpret physical and digital information, and the spatial relations between them.

The workers were able to test and evaluate the prototype on the HoloLens and their feedback was very positive. Due to this positive feedback and the forward-looking approach of the implemented solution, Schaeffler intents to further develop it. The F4W prototype for learning support for test rig operators and the used MR technology will be promoted within the group and new possible use cases will be sought.

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