Presenting the new i40cases website
11. April 2018
TU Wien presented FACTS4WORKERS at the ICEIS 2018 conference
22. June 2018

Presenting EVOCALL application

EVOCALL is a remote assistance system for smart glasses, smartphones and tablets. Specialists can use live video and audio to guide the process, send important information, for example circuit diagrams, data sheets or checklists, directly to the mobile device and thereby provide location-independent support in real time. EVOCALL supports commercial devices – smart glasses, laptops or mobile devices, Windows or Mac. No specialized or expensive hardware is needed. The access to EVOCALL is as easy and convenient as possible – simply calling the web-link and logging in allows using EVOCALL without any additions installation necessary.

At a glance, EVOCALL provides the following features:

  • Live audio and video transmission.
  • Recording live transmission.
  • Create screenshots.
  • Highlight objects in the screenshot.
  • Live document sharing.
  • Easy connect using a QR code.
  • Invitation management by email.
  • User administration.

For the application in Facts4Workers, EVOCALL was extended by a text-chat functionality. In addition to the existing video call the text-chat allows exchanging supporting material such as messages, photos and documents.

Summarized, EVOCALL provides the following advantages:

  • Minimizes repair time.
  • Increases plant availability.
  • Reduces travel expenses and time.
  • Reduces training costs.
  • Optimizes service and operating costs.
  • Overcomes language barriers.

On the shopfloor, EVOCALL is used for connecting workers, thus leveraging communication which consequently leads to improved efficiency and faster problem solving.

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