To what extent can state of the art HCI technologies support the requirements of workers?
24. January 2017
FACTS4WORKERS 4th General Assembly meeting
22. February 2017

President of the Styrian Chamber of Labour visits Facts4Workers

An important aspect of our project is communication with the important interest groups. The Austrian Chamber of Labour represents the interests of 3,4 million employees and consumers and is very interested in the future development of the labour market in Europe.

During his visit at the Virtual Vehicle, Josef Pesserl, president of the Styrian Chamber of Labour, could find out how Facts4Workers aims to make workplaces in the factory of the future more attractive and intelligent, and strengthen Europe as a production location. He could hear more about our worker-centric approach to increase problem-solving and innovation skills, cognitive job satisfaction and productivity, and make the worker a smart element in a smart factory. As we also evaluate all relevant cutting edge technology which might be used in future factories (here with the Microsoft Hololens), Mr. Pesserl could get an insight of a personalized augmented operator in a smart factory.

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