FACTS4WORKERS presentation at Industrie 4.0 conference
8. September 2015
FACTS4WORKERS networking workshop at Mensch und Computer 2015
14. September 2015

Project presentation at SiEVA’s event

On Friday 4th September 2015, the Hidria Institute for Materials and Technologies hosted the annual meeting of employees of the SiEVA Development Centre. The meeting was convened at the opportunity of the conclusion of the so-financing operation for the Centre, which lasted from 01. 02. 2011 to 30. 06. 2015; the funds being provided from the European Regional Fund.

The first part of the meeting focused on the R&D achievements of the Centre in this period and on opportunities and plans for the future. Achievements and products that were developed by the Centre were presented by the managers of the respected BUs. Products and solutions spanned from ICE components, electric drivetrain components, safety and comfort systems, mechatronics and technologies and processes.

This was followed by a presentation of Ms. Samanta Krapež of SiEVA’s European projects acquired under the Horizon 2020. The FACTS4WORKERS project received much praise and interest from the participants and many questions were asked concerning the application of the project’s results and their dissemination to SiEVA’s stakeholders and other industrial partners.

FACTS4WORKERS presentation to SiEVA

The second part of the event focused on metrology: this scientific field has been steadily gaining prominence in the automotive R&D sector due to ever increasing quality and reliability demands. The presentations included Ines Mohorič of Hidria Rotomatika, who presented the activities of laboratories that form the Hidria Institute for Materials and Technologies and Mr. Matjaž Lindič from the Slovenian Institute for Quality and Metrology – the leading national institution in this field – who presented the latest industrial and R&D trends in metrology.

The third part of the event was designed as an open discussion. Participants discussed possible R&D ideas for future projects and also touched on possibilities on cooperating in further European R&D projects, especially under the Horizon 2020 European research framework. Once again SiEVA’s activities on this field gained much attention and many present in the audience stressed the need to transfer the acquired experience and partners’ contacts acquired in European R&D activities to possible new project ideas in order to create new promising R&D consortia with European partners.

FACTS4WORKERS presentation to SiEVA

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