FACTS4WORKERS presented at Aragón Radio program
24. July 2015
FACTS4WORKERS talk at the ICPR Conference
20. August 2015

FACTS4WORKERS talk at Kremser Wissensmanagement Tage

We had the opportunity to present the FACTS4WORKERS project at the “Wissensmanagement Tage Krems”, a renowned Austrian conference on Knowledge Management. “Industry 4.0” – or how to transfer the knowledge to the worker in the factory –  was a key aspects during many industrial presentations.

Beside the interesting conference presentations, one conference feature drew some attention: every participant got equipped with an RFIQ sticker placed on his/her name badge. All participants were then able to see the participant’s names together with the location of the participants on a big screen. This helped to answer questions including who did speak with whom and when, connecting also data from previously placed fields of interest, so participants could directly approach persons with interesting backgrounds.

Collecting a lot of personal data during the conference, the conference organisation lacked of getting the formal agreements of the participants to process these data. At least, I could not remember to fill out any informed consent or similar agreement. This again shows the critical issue on how to handle personal data, which has been made available. FACTS4WORKERS will put major emphasis on correct handling of sensitive personal data in WP1.

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