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3. November 2015
Smart Glasses Comparison
1. December 2015

Radio broadcast on ICT in Industry 4.0

Outreach activities are important for research projects, which receive funding from the European Commission. It is therefore essential to inform the public on activities, which support the industry and manufacturing, and especially on such activities aiming to support better workplaces, which affect a high number of employees. For instance, in the about 2,4 million people are working in automotive manufacturing, which is a target industry of FACTS4WORKERS.

Seeking a closer contact to the wider public, FACTS4WORKERS has established a cooperation with the Austrian national public service broadcaster – ORF -, supporting a feature series on “Industry 4.0” in the renowned weekly technology review which has been broadcasted nationwide. You can download the feature including the interview of Martin Wifling from Virtual Vehicle here.

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