FACTS4WORKERS was presented in CEPAUTO 2017 by Thermolympic and Itainnova
7. June 2017
The FACTS4WORKERS use cases on the website
28. July 2017

Second Technical Review of the FACTS4WORKERS project held in Tolmin, Slovenia

Between 21st and 22nd June 2017, the FACTS4WORKERS consortium hosted a representative of the European Commission Review team to showcase one of the developed prototype pilot solutions for one of the industrial use-cases at the Second Technical project review.

The Review meeting focused on showcasing the prototype solution for the Hidria Dieseltec industrial use case: application of a modern IT interface that can be applied to the diesel glow plug assembly lines – developed by one of the project partners Hidria Technology Centre – giving the maintenance worker the necessary data on stoppages, breakages and other problems that might occur 24/7 as well as giving him/her the necessary instructions and tips on solving the issue in a fast and rational manner.

The Commission reviewer, prof. dr. Paul Xirouchakis, was given a thorough presentation not only of the solution on the shop floor and response from the workers, but also on the work performed in the first half of the 4-year project. The structure of the solution (front-end, back-end, building blocks) was presented in great detail and the Reviewer also had a change to debrief representative of each of the other industrial use-cases on the solution implementation.

The FACTS4WORKERS project’s implementation scope ranges from automotive, industrial appliance and plastics to tooling and steel industries (as explained in the project video). All these use cases shall receive their first prototype solutions until early autumn this year. The remaining approx. two years of the proejct will be reserved for subsequent solution roll-outs with improvements made after a first assessment has been thoroughly completed. Special emphasis will be put on solution interchangeability among different use-cases since the goal is to ensure modularity of the developed solution that can be tailored and re-used at as many industrial sites as possible.

The FACTS4WORKERS project consortium received positive feedback from the Reviewer, stating that the progress achieved considerable and visible improvement from the First Technical Review in Brussels in 2016.



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