Radio broadcast on ICT in Industry 4.0
9. November 2015
Taxonomy of HCI technologies
1. December 2015

Smart glasses raised a lot of attention since Google announced the Google Glass back in 2012. In the meantime a variety of different smart glasses have been developed, many of them only as concepts or early prototypes, some of them as real products currently available. Although smart glasses still don’t make a big impact on the consumer market, their unique technical capabilities open new possibilities in another segment: industrial applications. The chance to provide essential information through very compact visualization combined with the benefit of hands-free usage has a high potential for the industry.
This is why we took a closer look at currently available smart glasses and created a comprehensive market overview. Moreover we evaluated the “industry readiness” of different smart glasses that we have hands-on experience with. We are going to periodically update this list with new smart glasses emerging over the next years of our Facts4Workers project. As an outlook we are waiting for the next generation of devices such as Google Glass Enterprise Edition tailored for industrial environments and Microsoft’s Hololens.

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