FACTS4WORKERS System Architecture

The FACTS4WORKERS solution is characterized by providing a wide range of functionalities supporting worker in different processes on the shop floor. To deal with the arising complexity and to develop functionalities suiting the workers’ needs, different technologies, frameworks and programming languages are used within the project.

The whole software architecture was built with Docker which allows splitting of the whole system in smaller building blocks (BBs). This approach reduces the complexity and allows the development of each of the BBs separately. The BB’s complexity is then reduced but moves to the interfaces.

For the frontend BBs the markup languages HTML5 and the framework Angular are used in combination. The backend BBs are created using various frameworks, depending on the requested requirements. For communication and exchange of data between the different BBs, either a proxy or a direct communication is implemented. In case of more sophisticated tasks, communication on backend side is realized by a semantic workflow engine. Due to the used technology, a reverse proxy is used to bundle all communication between the HMI and the backend BBs.



  • A framework for building client applications in HTML and either JavaScript or a language like TypeScript that compiles to JavaScript
  • Has been designed with seamless support for mobile/tablet devices where touch events and gestures work across all devices
  • Uses a hierarchy of components as its main architectural concept
  • For more information: https://angular.io/


  • Application build and deployment tool
  • Package code with all dependencies into a deployable container
  • Deals with flexible combination of backend programming languages, software and hardware environments at industry partner’s
  • Supports software development in co-located teams
  • Allows comfortable updates of already deployed software (e.g. only updates of improved parts )
  • Low configuration effort at industry partners
  • Scalability and security well covered
  • For more information: https://www.docker.com/