FACTS4WORKERS Workshop Smart Factories: User-centered information systems for future collaboration
30. September 2016
How will be the future factories? FACTS4WORKERS bets that they will be social
15. October 2016

Testing of new Head Up Displays (HUD)

After Microsoft recently´s appearance with their breakthrough Hololens technology, several other manufacturers are coming up with their new hardware. In FACTS4WORKERS, we monitor the current HUD market carefully and we are testing the available wearables for our factory-use purposes. This analysis we provide to the public, please find here (link to blogpost: Whitepaper Industrial suitability of mobile HMIs) in our the first years review of practically all available hardware.

One of the currently available smart glasses is the ODG R7 which has some nice features. Its analysis will be found in our updated technology report which will be issued in December this year. Please stop by and get a full market overview and analysis!

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