FACTS4WORKERS networking workshop at Mensch und Computer 2015
14. September 2015
28. September 2015

The changing world of work presented at ILERA World Congress

The 17th ILERA (International Labour and Employment Relations Associations) World Congress took place from 07.09.2015 to 11.09.2015 in Cape Town under the theme “The Changing World of Work: Implications for Labour and Employment Relations and Social Protection”. The congress attracted over 700 scientists and practitioners from 17 different countries.

The changing world of work has had a strong impact on the definition and content of work. The congress carefully examined this impact by discussing the employment relationship, scope of social protection and coverage, structures of collective engagement and conflict resolution. The presentations were heard in both the developed world and emerging markets, as well as for private and public employment sectors.

FACTS4WORKERS was attended at the ILERA conference by Associate Professor Lea Hannola from Lappeenranta University of Technology, giving a presentation of the paper on “[download id=”1117″]” (paper by Lampela, Heilmann, Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, Hyrkäs, Lämsä, and Hannola). The presentation was given in Track 3 – Developments and Trends in Employment Relations around the World, and the Impact of Globalization, especially under the theme Restructuring Work and Industry.

Facts4workers at ILERA 2015 World Congress

The discussion about the workshop presentations were rigorous, especially the role of unions were brought up. Discussants were interested on how the unions are taken into consideration in the Facts4workers project, e.g. are we planning to do some interviews or other forms of data collection with unions. The concept of job satisfaction was also discussed, especially what is the significance of payroll systems in job satisfaction. However, the importance of worker motivation, collaboration and knowledge sharing were highlighted as more important factors affecting job satisfaction than just salary.

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