Second Technical Review of the FACTS4WORKERS project held in Tolmin, Slovenia
27. June 2017
Results and insights from our project at the workshop on the Mensch und Computer 2017 conference (MuC17)
4. August 2017

The FACTS4WORKERS use cases on the website

After our prototype was rolled out at the facilities of our industry partners, we can now present the results to date of our project on our website. The FACTS4WORKERS solution is currently being evaluated at

  • EMO Orodjarna
  • thyssenkrupp Steel Europe
  • Hidria Dieseltec
  • Thermolympic
  • Schaeffler and
  • Hidria Rotomatika.

Evaluation will assess the impact and reveal the capabilities of FACTS4WORKERS towards the promotion of a clear human-centric approach, usability, user experience and technology acceptance, while enhancing workplace attractiveness.

On our Pilot Sites we provide a short description of each use case and list the fields of application, the functionalities, the benefits and the impacts of our FACTS4WORKERS solution at every industrial partner. The results of our project will also be published soon at German language i40cases website.

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