FACTS4WORKERS presented at RuleML conference
16. January 2017
To what extent can state of the art HCI technologies support the requirements of workers?
24. January 2017

Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe presents their FACTS4WORKERS use case at “Horizont 2020 – Erfolge im Blick”

On the 16th November 2016 Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe presented their FACTS4WORKERS use case, as a particularly successful project in the EU Framework Program from North Rhine-Westphalia on the conference “Horizont2020- Erfolge im Blick”. At the exhibition as part of the conference, we had the opportunity to demonstrate our usecase and discuss fruitfully with visitors and the present partners of tkSE and VUT.

Based on our worker-centric issue many people were interested in and inspired by our mobile approach. It became obvious that there is a huge demand for projects like FACTS4WORKERS in various fields of action.

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