Presenting EVOCALL application
19. April 2018
TU Wien presented FACTS4WORKERS at the CIRP CMS 2018 conference
26. June 2018

TU Wien presented FACTS4WORKERS at the ICEIS 2018 conference

The annual International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS) provides a platform for presenting the newest advancements in the development of industrial information systems. This year, the conference focused on smart applications and artificial intelligence in the industrial environment.

In that regard, TU Wien presented its latest research results on context-aware systems. Together with FACTS4WORKERS, the authors define a process model for the analysis and design of such systems. The model not only covers the steps required for the development of context-aware systems, but also compares them with the elicitation and design steps of regular software systems.

After the presentation, Patrick Rosenberger participated in private discussions about the advantages of context-aware systems. In that regard, the findings of the FACTS4WORKERS project were discussed in detail as they clearly highlight how worker-centric software systems can benefit the work experience.


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